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We are Loendersloot. Your powerful, reliable partner in Warehousing. We tend to the storage, distribution and stock management of your valuable goods with the close attention it deserves. We take care!

Warehousing and stock management

In the logistic hotspot of Europe in Roosendaal (West Brabant), we take care of your goods' storage, distribution, and stock management. On a campus comprising no less than four warehouses with a total space of 50,000 m², we provide various options for bulk and pallet storage. It allows us to operate in such a way that the utmost care for your products is guaranteed.

Our warehouses meet the highest standards of security and video surveillance, ensuring your stock’s safety during our resting hours so that we can start working for you fully energised the next day. The team that is ready to help you includes over 100 enthusiastic, customer-friendly and above all service-oriented employees.

Our keen eye for quality, functionality and full operational control with an innovative and intelligent process design aimed at the optimal flow of goods is what makes it all possible. This is supported by the most sophisticated warehouse management systems designed and developed by in-house developers. It enables us to provide the solution that makes the difference for our clients.
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Loendersloot Value Added ServicesLoendersloot adds value to your organisation

Value-Added Services

At Loendersloot, we add value to your organisation, among others, by excelling at Value-added Services.

Value-Added Services means advising and supporting you with products sold in a different form than how they are purchased. We are happy to take this task off your hands, allowing you to focus on your core activities. Based on guidelines and expectations, we execute this task within the set time frame, ensuring deliveries to clients are done on time and in full.

In addition to the standard services, we provide client-specific services tailored to your wishes and needs. Read more about our other services.

warehousing Services

Stock management

Your stock is our concern. With utmost precision, our dedicated team focuses on getting and maintaining stocks in order, both physically and administratively. They are particularly concerned with periodic stock inventory and reporting.

In addition to keeping the administrative stock up to date, we conduct research into possible deficits, quality issues, stock differences and customer queries. Then, we immediately take action to solve any issues and prevent any future issues. Proactive and progressive thinking are the core values of excellent stock control.
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For storage services, you have come to the right place. With over 50,000 m2 of specialised storage space and a bonded warehouse, we are your fully AEO-certified partner for all excisable goods, such as liquor and tobacco. But, of course, we also offer possibilities for many other interests, such as automotive, FMCG or E-fulfilment packages.

We offer a total solution for the entire supply chain, from container handling, loading, unloading, short and long term storage to E-fulfilment order picking.
Loendersloot Warehousing

Order picking and palletising

Order picking is our sport! Whether it concerned a container, FTL or the perfect package. From bulk, pallet or box to piece picking, we take care of it so your order will be delivered to your client in perfect condition and on time.

Loendersloot fact

More than 50,000m2 of distribution and storage space in the logistics hotspot of Europe

Loendersloot Global Logistics has signed a lease for more than 9,000 m2 of industrial space for storage and distribution purposes.
Knowledge is everything! At Loendersloot we like to invest in our talents and professionals. We believe in lasting relationships, also when it comes to our teams!
What makes the difference between a webshop and a successful webshop? The customer experience! When someone places an order online, he/she wants the order to be delivered quickly and without any problems.

Working at

At Loendersloot, we are always looking out for talent. What do we do? We add value to our clients at every level. So, if you think you are the best warehouse employee in the country? Is service anchored in your genes? Or, are you the person who always knows how to find that single best solution even when it seems impossible? Then maybe you are the one who can help us. Check out our vacancies here. You are always welcome to submit an unsolicited application using our form.
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