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Escrow Services

The name Loendersloot is synonymous with objectivity, reliability and expertise. Loendersloot has been offering Escrow services for many years to optimise our clients in their trade.

Escrow Services

Escrow transfers

It is extremely interesting to use this specialist service for a seller because the stock is only administratively transferred when the buyer has fulfilled his financial obligations. There is no debtor risk any longer. A transaction via the escrow account also has advantages for the buyer. The buyer knows that what he or she purchases is actually physically available and in good condition. We inspect the stock in line with the storage entry procedures.
Loendersloot Escrow Service

Always safe

We have established a separate foundation under the name Loendersloot Finance Foundation for this service. The bank accounts are and will remain separate from the F. Loendersloot Internationale Expeditie B.V. business activities. Since the foundation only transfers money to sellers once it has been received from buyers, the continuity of this foundation is guaranteed. Your money is safe with us.

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Our Escrow service makes trading easy and safe

Our Escrow Team

Our Escrow Team consists of a select group of specialists who, with their years of experience, can guide you safely and easily through the procedures. This way, you can expand your business with new parties without any concerns.


We believe it is essential to unburden our clients in all areas. For this reason, we exert ourselves in providing you with maximum IT service as well. If desired, our clients can use a portal function, allowing them to have and keep real-time insight into their stock administration at Loendersloot. Be sure to ask your account manager about the options!

We can also use modern systems via EDI links to make the process of administratively issuing and processing instructions much more efficient. We want to welcome you for a discussion, enabling us to prevent time (and money) loss by performing automated activities.
Loendersloot Global Logistics has signed a lease for more than 9,000 m2 of industrial space for storage and distribution purposes.
Knowledge is everything! At Loendersloot we like to invest in our talents and professionals. We believe in lasting relationships, also when it comes to our teams!
What makes the difference between a webshop and a successful webshop? The customer experience! When someone places an order online, he/she wants the order to be delivered quickly and without any problems.

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At Loendersloot, we are always looking out for talent. What do we do? We add value to our clients at every level. So, if you think you are the best warehouse employee in the country? Is service anchored in your genes? Or, are you the person who always knows how to find that single best solution even when it seems impossible? Then maybe you are the one who can help us. Check out our vacancies here. You are always welcome to submit an unsolicited application using our form.
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