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Logistics is in our DNA

About Loendersloot

We are Loendersloot. Logistics is in our DNA. We are a dynamic, ambitious and innovative organisation offering solutions to every challenge in certified and compliant logistics and customs services for international brand owners and traders.
Our goal is a sublime client experience. We strive to achieve this together with our clients, suppliers and colleagues. We aim for long-term relationships with our clients to understand their business and challenges. As our staff continues to develop, we achieve the most efficient and cost-effective service.

Worldwide, we can count on a unique network to always provide our clients with an appropriate solution. In additions, we add value to your goods and operations through our extensive customs expertise and high-quality control. So whatever you need, we make sure you can be at your best.

Mission and vision


Since 1982 we have been the partner in logistics and tax services for (inter)national brand owners, distributors and traders with a heart and an eye for our customer.


We believe that lasting relationships are created by a sublime customer experience and loyalty to our customers. A sublime customer experience is only possible if we unburden the customer with personal contact within the logistics of their products. We achieve this by listening to the customer, by asking and responding to her needs.
About Loendersloot and it's historie - Since 1982


F. Loendersloot Internationale Expeditie B.V. was founded and established in Roosendaal by Frits Loendersloot in 1982. In the following decade, the company grew into a flourishing enterprise with a specialisation in excise duties. Over the years, the company continued to grow and has some 100 employees and 50,000 m2 of storage space today.

Our employees

At Loendersloot, our employees work every day in various disciplines to create a sublime client service. Each individual from his or her own field of expertise. Together we ensure to meet the requirements and expectations of our client.

Quality through constant training

Knowledge is everything! At Loendersloot we like to invest in our talents and professionals. We believe in lasting relationships, also when it comes to our teams!

The international market is always subject to change. Some times more extreme (Brexit?) than others. But at all times we ensure that our professionals stay up-to-date and receive the right training and diplomas or certificates where necessary. We have long-term cooperation agreements with various training institutes so that we can be sure that the training courses always meet our quality requirements.
Loendersloot Warehousing Storage
Loendersloot Global Logistics has signed a lease for more than 9,000 m2 of industrial space for storage and distribution purposes.
Knowledge is everything! At Loendersloot we like to invest in our talents and professionals. We believe in lasting relationships, also when it comes to our teams!
What makes the difference between a webshop and a successful webshop? The customer experience! When someone places an order online, he/she wants the order to be delivered quickly and without any problems.

Working at

At Loendersloot, we are always looking out for talent. What do we do? We add value to our clients at every level. So, if you think you are the best warehouse employee in the country? Is service anchored in your genes? Or, are you the person who always knows how to find that single best solution even when it seems impossible? Then maybe you are the one who can help us. Check out our vacancies here. You are always welcome to submit an unsolicited application using our form.
Loendersloot Global Logistics
Loendersloot Global Logistics
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Loendersloot Internationale Expeditie bv
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